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Uniagri II SA is an Agro-Food company dedicated to the slaughter and preparation of pork, beef, sheep and the production of roast suckling pig, with the main market for product disposal being the domestic market with a distribution and logistics network. covering the entire national territory.


We keep up with our producers, their processes, in order to guarantee the best quality to the consumer.


Animal Welfare

Local Production

Sustainable Production

Uniagri II S.A.

The industrial complex has an area of ​​32000 m2 and an area of ​​14000 m2 has been built, adding a series of adjuvant areas to industrial production, such as ETA, WWTP, Mechanical Locks and Mechanical Workshop.

The Traditional Roasted Piglet at your Table.

Our ovens respect the Traditional way of making Roast Piglet, preserving all its traditional flavor.

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