Safety and
National Production
of Proven Quality

By supporting local producers, we are contributing to regional development and also providing all our customers with access to regional products.

Supporting local production means supporting Portugal.

Through partnerships with several producers, we guarantee genuinely Portuguese products of superior quality.

And to the producers, the constant support from the first stage of production to its assured flow, simultaneously boosting the development of the regions.

Slide "When the goal is to have a quality product of excellence, with animal welfare in mind, we have the duty to bet on
National production."

Produced in Portugal, it means less transport hours and less energy expenditure in its conservation. It is therefore more environmentally friendly and represents a driving force for the development of national and local producers.

The animals are born and raised in Portugal by specialized producers, in low density farms and with access to the outdoors, with a great concern for their well-being, food and health.

The breeds are carefully selected and all production is monitored in partnership with specialized technicians.